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Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 15-Jan-2023

This website uses cookies

We use cookies in terms of customizing content and ads, provide more information about cookies and analyze our traffic. We also share data about the usage of our site with our advertising and Google Analytics cookie that may link it to other information that you have given to them or that they have offered our services. By continuing to use your device to access this website, you agree that the following information may be collected: the device's IP address, browser name, and information about your device's operating system.

Personal information we collect:

When you simply browse our website to purchase something, as a component of the purchasing and selling process, we collect some of the personal information like your name, address, and email address, etc.

We simply track the information of the location, IP address, browser type, and login information in order to get it for purposes such as tax estimates.

We also collect the following information:

Products you've seen: We use it, for example, to show you products you've seen recently. We also use cookies to monitor the contents of the cart as you browse our site.

Payment information: At this point, when you first enter or update your payment information, we report it through our payment processor, Stripe, through our encoded association. The stripe uses your payment information and circulates according to the strip's privacy policy. Do not save your payment data other than your billing Address, which we need to charge and comply with billing and tax, and other government rules.

Usage information: This contains data about your interaction with activities and administrations, for example, your IP address, login information, and the kind of device or page you visited, and the sites you visited prior to visiting our locales and Identifiers related to your device. This data empowers us to examine how site administrations are being gotten to and utilized, and performance can be tracked.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to monitor how many visitors use our websites when visitors access our sites and which pages guests visit. Our websites use cookies to recognize you from different users and visitors to our website. It helps us provide you with a better experience with the use of our websites and also allows us to improve our websites.

We use these cookies and other technologies on the grounds that they are necessary for the performance of the Agreement with you or because their use is in our legitimate interests (where we understand that these are your rights) and some matters, where the law requires, where you have agreed to use them.

Our website uses the following cookies

Strict cookies: These cookies are crucial for the operation of our website. These include, for example,

  • Userparser
    This is necessary to let you login in to your account on Userparser.
  • Stripe
    This is necessary to enable strip-based payments through this store.
  • PayPal
    This is necessary to enable PayPal-enabled payments through this store.

Analytic cookies: They permit us to know and count the number of visitors and perceive how simply visitors move around our site while they are utilizing it. It serves our real benefits to evolve the method our website works, for instance, by assuring that users are looking for what they are searching for.

Activity cookies: They are used to identify you when you return to our website. It makes us subject to your choices and preferences, personalizes our content, greets you by name, and remembers your preferences (for example, the choice of your language or region).

  • Google Analytics
    These cookies collect anonymous information for analytics purposes so that visitors can learn how to use and interact with this website.
  • Userparser Analytics
    These cookies collect anonymous information for analytics purposes so that visitors can learn how to use and interact with this website.

Advertising cookies: These cookies record your visits to our website, the pages you have visited, and the links you have followed. We will use this information according to your preferences and preferences to make our website and the advertisements displayed on it more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose.

We may also work with ad networks that collect information about the content on our website and information about other websites and services you visit. As a result, you may see advertisements on our websites or you may see our advertisements when you visit other third-party websites and services. It is important for all of you to agree to our cookie policy.

User Agreement

By continuing to use the website, you're agree to place cookies on your device for the purpose to track the website traffic and sales analytics. If you choose not to receive our cookies, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be as complete as otherwise.

If you have any question about these cookie policy, please contact us.