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FAQs from Customers


What is Userparser?
Userparser is a User-Agent parser and IP-address Lookup API that parses browser user-agent & ip-address lookup and returns the accurate data using JSON or XML response.
How Userparser is different from its competitors?
Its data accuracy.
Can I use Userparser API Free plan for commercial use?
Absolutely Yes, you can use any of our API plan including our Free plan for commercial use.


What is required to get started?
To get started, you must first create an account, but no credit card is required.
How secure is my data on this platform?
Our top priority is security. As a result, your data is securely stored and will remain secure on our platform until you delete it from your dashboard.

API Data

What is the API return data accuracy percentage?
User-Agent - is approximately 99% accurate for mobile devices, 95% accurate for tablet devices, and 90% accurate for desktop devices.
IP-Address - For countries, it is approximately 95% accurate, and for continents, it is approximately 99% accurate.
How often does the data updates?
The User-Agent and IP-address API data updates serveral times per a week.
If there is new feature to add then a new endpoint update will be arrived with its detailed documentation.

API Access & Features

Can I use one API call for both user agent & IP lookups?
Yes, sure. you can use for both at once and alternativly you can call for one of them too.
NOTE: You can send both (user agent & ip) of your users and our API will respond you with the result and if you want you can request for one of them only, then you can get your needed data faster too.
How do I get an API Key?
Simply, create an account and login to your dashboard to view your API key.
Note: There is no credit card or payment required to get an API key and use in the Free Userparser API plan.
How do I reset my API Key?
If you wish to reset a your API key for any reason, you should Login to Userparser and go to your dashboard. From there, follow the instructions provided on the reset API key section of your dashboard page.
NB: Your current key will be deactivated and the changes will take effect immediately.
What happens if I go over my monthly limit?
Each API end point is metered independently, if you exceed your monthly quota we'll send you email notification to notify you to pay your billing amount, but if you're not making any action and your plan is one of our premium, We'll Migrate your premium plan to free plan, by doing this we can help you prevent interruptions in your App integration.

Pricing & Payment

Can I get a refund?
Absolutely Yes, you can contact us for refund with in 7 days from the day of the payment date. For more information please visit our refund policy.
Can I pay Annually?
Yes, absolutely. The API is a subscription-based service. You can subscribe monthly or yearly, and please contact us for semiannual, biennial, and triennial subscriptions.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription plan simply go to the account page in your account and click the "Downgrade plan". You will continue to be able to use the API until the end of the billing cycle as usual.
Will store my credit card information?
No, donot store any of your provided credit card information, Instead, all of your credit card information will goes and processs through/by Stripe, you can visit them on how they process your credit card information through this Link.
To clarify, any credit card you have provide us in our checkout page, your information will validated, handled, and processed by Stripe only.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please don't hestate to contact us!